What is Homeostasis? | Importance of Homeostasis in the Body

Homeostasis, have you heard this word over and over again and wondered what is it and why do I want it? You are not alone! There is some confusion on what is homeostasis, and what is the importance of homeostasis in the body. Let’s clear it up!
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By: Christina Hale

Homeostasis, have you heard this word over and over again and wondered what is it and why do I want it? You are not alone! There is some confusion on what is homeostasis, and what is the importance of homeostasis in the body.

Let’s clear it up!

Today’s modern world has increased the average lifespan, but it has also shown increases of diseases. Was your first thought cancer or another terminal illness? While that is also true let’s look simply.  How about the increase in now the common type diseases such as obesity, hypertension and even type 2 diabetes?

These chronic common diseases have skyrocketed in significance and numbers. Why? These diseases are a result of failures of homeostasis. A naturally occurring process that we were equipped to perform from birth! We rely on it to keep us healthy and achieve wellness.

Homeostasis is the essential mechanism of our bodies that keep it running without a hitch. It allows us to adapt, change and evolve when exposed to certain environmental changes internally or externally.

Why is not working properly in so many of us in this day and age… Let’s find out!

what is homeostasis and what is the importance of homeostasis in the body world wide news diabetic epidemic

So, what is Homeostasis anyway?

When defining what is homeostasis the key is the ability to maintain a balanced state in a
constantly changing environment. This can be an internal stimulus or external in our physical environment. It is our bodies ability to handle and adjust to stimuli.

The literal definition of homeostasis “it is the ability of an organism to maintain stability despite changes”. Maintaining a stable, relatively constant internal environment. It is a self-regulating process that we all conduct in our bodies daily without any thought or effort for the most part.

Our internal body temperature is an excellent example of homeostasis that we do not have to think about to maintain. When we are hot, we sweat. When it is cold, we shiver. That is our bodies way of balancing this internal temperature. Keyword here is “balancing”.

Body temp is just an easy example. Homeostasis takes place in the regulation of all our body’s functions. This includes our organs, nervous system and even our mental state.

For more details this video from Bogo Biology makes a great addition.

Video Credit: [BOGObiology]. (2016, December 3. 5 Minute Bio – Homeostasis. [Video File]. Retrieved from https://youtu.be/kAy-03hIfck

Why is this homeostatic balance important?


What is the importance of Homeostasis in the Body?

This naturally occurring phenomenon is the way nature works to ensure that balance stays in place. It is essential to keep the body in homeostasis to obtain and keep optimum health, mental clarity, stability, and bodily functions.

This homeostatic harmony in our bodies prevents and wards of disease and illness. Leaves us feeling great and functioning properly.

When our bodies are not able to conduct this balance on its own for various reasons, we are unable to achieve homeostasis naturally.

This leads to:

  • Decreased immunity
  • Disease Onset or Amplification
  • General ill health
  • Aches and pains
  • Basic Physical functions decline or stop working (such as temperature
    control, pancreatic balance, kidney function and more)
  • Break down in mental function (ability to think
    and act clearly)
  • Emotional wellness. (anxiety, depression, moodiness)
  • Energy Depletion

A good example of disrupted homeostasis can be seen in the commonly known disease, diabetes.

Proper blood sugar levels in the body are regulated by the production of the hormone’s insulin and glucagon. These hormones are produced by the pancreas but also influenced by the brain and liver and used throughout the body. It is meant to be a harmonic balance of food consumption into energetic fuel for the body to use. It is part of our endocrine system. Let’s look at it simply.

endocrine system Importance of Homeostasis in the Body

When you consume food:

  1. The brain triggers the pancreas to produce insulin.
  2. This insulin communicates with the cells of the body in our fat and muscles to take up the glucose of this food to be used as energy.
  3. When all is needed is used then remaining is then converted to glycogen in the liver for storage.
  4. This lowers blood sugar levels to a normal range and signals the pancreas to reduce the insulin production.
  5. When you go without food consumption for a while the liver then converts the stored glucagon back to glucose and releases it into the blood.

In homeostasis this constant working balance keeps the whole system running perfectly.

But what happens when this system is out of balance and not functioning homeostatically, the resulting diabetes. The pancreas no longer produces the proper insulin or responding to the signals it is receiving, sometimes both.

The balance is thrown off!

Causes of Homeostatic Imbalance

As you see from the example above the importance of homeostasis in the body but there are many more. Maintaining this balance in the body is essential to wellness. So, what causes this imbalance to occur? Be sure to Check out the last on the list… it is the number 1 cause!

  • Genetics. In many cases, we have a predisposition in our Genes to be more susceptible to certain diseases and disorders. This hereditary influence can be prevented and
    overcome if a person maintains a healthy lifestyle in many cases.
  • Improper Nutrition. Your body needs a certain level of vitamins and minerals to
    function optimally. When your body is starved of essential nutrients it can
    throw the whole balance off.
  • Mental Instability. Our mental states and emotional well-being have a direct impact on the chemical make-up of our bodies. When the mind is stressed it decreases our ability to react and function normally.
  • Physical Inactivity. Regular physical activity and exercise are vital to maintaining a healthy body weight, muscle and bone strength, and cardiovascular health. Inactivity can result in physical weakness and break down.
  • Improper Sleep. The body and mind both need “off time”. Physical rest is an essential part of many of the bodies functions as well as mental focus and activity. When proper rest is not achieved the result can be a poor immune system, fatigue, headaches,
    anxiety, and improper organ functions.
  • Toxins. Toxins come in many forms. They can exist in a polluted environment such as air pollution or even black mold. They can also come from the consumption of foods and drugs. Many synthetic drugs prescribed or otherwise can have side effects and toxic reactions on certain functions of the body. This also includes recreational drug activity as well.
  • Environmental influences. In addition to toxins from the environment above a homeostatic imbalance can occur based on other influences in your regular environment. A long hard
    winter, lack of sunlight, excessive heat, are some weather-related issues. They
    also can stem from a working environment, or living in an unclean space, or
    worse having to live in degradation or having a lack of fresh foods and clean
  • The big one, and #1 STRESS! Our modern world is loaded with stress. Work, relationships,
    money, family and more are constant stressors in our daily life. Stress affects
    us mentally and psychically. It poisons our bodies and is the root cause of
    many diseases. Leading cause of our lack of homeostasis is STRESS!

Now we know what can cause an imbalance, how can we get ourselves realigned?

balance diet excercise image man on scale running one side cheeseburger other

How can you maintain homeostasis?

Your head may already be swimming with ideas on how to maintain homeostasis from just reading through the causes. How many were shocked by the idea that our body can be thrown off balance by these all too common factors? I was! If you haven’t read my story be sure to check it out, and you can see my own battle with homeostatic balance.

What can we do, there are many options!!

  • Improve your Diet. Introduce healthy, fresh natural ingredients into your diet. Avoid preprocessed quick foods.
  • Introduce a plan for physical activity. Movement of any kind is better than being idle all day. Schedule physical exercise even if it as simple as stretching or walking. It all helps.
  • Get plenty of rest. 6 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep is the minimum that you should try to obtain.
  • Receive counsel for emotional and mental issues. This can be professional, friends, family or even in relationships where you can talk about your feelings and express any issues you have.
  • Remove toxins. Take a look at the medications you take and be sure they do not have side effects that are impacting your greater health. Discuss it with your Doctor if you feel you need a change there. Stop toxic bad habits such as smoking or recreational drugs. Also, remove any environmental toxins you come in contact with on a regular basis.
  • Improve your environment or living conditions.You can not control the weather, but you can control your interior weather. Add daylight bulbs, allow more sun in, keep a constant comfortable temperature,invite plants indoors.  Clean up your space and make it more productive for health, mind and spirit.
  • REDUCE STRESS. Meditate, take time for self, do things you enjoy, write a journal.These are just a few ways to help manage stress.

OK, I know that is easy to list and read but many of these are not so easy to implement! But it is worth it.Create a plan and follow through. Each step you take towards returning your homeostatic balance will improve your overall health and wellness!

proper diet image fresh produce article Importance of Homeostasis in the Body

An excellent ancient practice that is still very relevant today is Ayurveda. I recently wrote two articles on the topic that may help you to discover a plan that works for you. Ayurvedic practices are just one way to make an improvement in your natural balance.

When maintaining or achieving homeostasis is more challenging then it is time to talk about adding supplements to your plan to reach your goals.

Supplements that Encourage Homeostasis

Before running out and investing in a “pill” for a solution be sure to use all your other resources first. It is essential. A supplement is a BOOST to a PLAN or LIFESTYLE change. It should never be
relied on as a “quick fix option”. However, implementing a supplement into a clear plan and action can aid your goal of achieving homeostasis.

Evaluate before adding a supplement! Look at your life as a whole. Identify what it is you need “help” with.

  • Are you struggling with a physical disease or a genetic disposition that you are struggling with? If so, you need to choose a specific supplement to address your physical need. A doctor, herbalist or a nutritionist may help you identify what you are lacking.
  • Is it your diet that is causing the issue? Whole, fresh foods are a great natural way to improve this. A dietary supplement may also be in order to help boost this plan.
  • Is it STRESS? There are supplements that can actually help you feel less stressed. Lifestyle
    changes can boost these.

I battle with the autoimmune disease Lupus, seizures and other issues. They are both genetically predisposition and a result of living an unhealthy lifestyle in my past.  A plan alone helped but was not enough to get me feeling better or to achieve homeostasis. In fact, I am still on a path to achieving it. I have made HUGE improvements and feeling better every day, even GREAT on some days. For me, it took adding supplements to help.

My personal recommendations.

Are you battling illness and disease like me? Hemp-derived CBD was the boost I needed to start achieving real physical wellness.

Inflammation and poor nutrition can often go hand-in-hand when combating years of an unhealthy diet. A wonderful company and products address nutritional needs that are 100% all natural, that combat inflammation and help restore balance.


There is an answer to STRESS! Four generations of Scientists devoted their careers and over 70 years of research. 3000 thousand plus clinical trials. Millions of dollars in research and development to evolve and produce a natural supplement to combat STRESS. Improve your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Improved sleep, vital energy, mental clarity, stamina and all-around emotional outlook on life. Guaranteed Results!


Are you in balance?

We answered the question – What is Homeostasis! We unearthed its value and the importance of homeostasis in the body. So now the question!

Are you in balance? Have you achieved complete homeostasis?

I know it is a task I work on every day. The more focus I put on a balanced lifestyle, diet, and supplements to boost efforts the greater success is seen!

counselling counsel talk with a doctor nutrionist or knowledgeable counsel

I want to hear from you. What is your plan, how are you going to achieve it or achieved it! How can I help! Or just your thoughts on homeostasis alone. Let’s have a discussion!

Knowledge is the Power to a
Better You, Better Health and Unlocking your Natural Power!

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“Knowledge is the Power to a Better You, Better Health and Unlocking your Natural Power!”

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9 thoughts on “What is Homeostasis? | Importance of Homeostasis in the Body”

  1. Hello Christina,
    I loved to read this post. The physiological processes in the body are often described rather complicated but you have written about homeostasis in such an understandable way. Knowing about how the body works make it easier to comprehend the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.
    It is wonderful of you sharing your experiences and help people to live a healthier life. Happy you have found supplements that help you feel better. Your recommendations are really valuable. I have bookmarked your site. Looking forward to learning more from you.

    1. Hi Pernilla,
      Thank you for the compliments.
      It is often said that “word of mouth” carries more weight than a million studies. For me, I feel that is true. I always try to share my personal experiences whenever possible. I think we often know when we are feeling out of balance, not achieving homeostasis before big symptoms appear. They are easily ignored. Personally, I did for a long while and it only made it harder in the end.
      I do hope my simple explanation will help more people recognize early the signs.
      Again, I appreciate you very much.

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  3. Hi Christina,
    This article is fantastic! It explains in such an easy-to-understand language what homeostasis is, and the video you referenced here illustrated your point very well and made it even clearer. Thank you! I wish every person in the world read this your post. I will share it.
    My diet is more or less balanced and my lifestyle is pretty active. I use CBD oil to restore my homeostasis. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s autoimmune disease. My thyroid hormone dropped very low a couple of years ago. I brought the blood test results back to the normal range by the traditional synthetic hormone replacement, but my symptoms did not go away. Then, I discovered CBD oil and am getting much better since I started taking it. So, great advice!
    I am glad to read that your plan in achieving homeostasis works well for you and you are feeling better lately.
    Warm regards,
    ~ Julia

    1. Hi Julia,
      Thank you for the boost and encouragement on the value of this article. I do hope that it will help people to understand the premise of homeostasis easier.
      Unfortunately, with autoimmune disorders, it is usually a clear indication that the body is out of balance. In most autoimmune diseases I am familiar with, the body actually turns on its self. I do not know Hashimotos personally. I am glad you were able to return your blood levels to a normal range with your thyroid. I have to take a synthetic thyroid medication myself as well. CBD greatly impacts my autoimmune disease battle with lupus. I have had one flare since I began taking it which is exceptional and a relief. I use other herbals as well that help to counteract the effects and impact the autoimmune has placed on my body over the years. Including medications that caused additional symptoms. I would encourage anyone with an autoimmune to talk to their doctor about implementing CBD into their wellness plan. It is natural and I think extremely beneficial to regaining that essential homeostatic balance we are missing.
      Thank you so much for your input! Please keep us updated!

  4. This is a great article and I love the way you explained homeostasis and keeping a more balanced life. I have always been an advocate for more natural living but as life goes many times conveniences and poor living get in the way.

    When you are under stress it really can devastate your health and what you eat, how you sleep play a big factor in keeping in balance. Stopping to smell the flowers once in a while and getting back to nature is always great for your health and well-being.

    A few years back I could really feel myself going down hill and was a border line diabetic, I knew I needed to do something different and change my life. I have done just that. Eating natural foods, such as grass fed meats and cutting most of the carbs out of life, I am now 100 lbs lighter and no longer worried about becoming a diabetic. As always there is still those life stressors that one has to deal with; however, understanding to take some time really helps.

    I have my health back and know now that what you put in your body and the crazy lives many of us lead really does matter. I am really thankful that I had the chance to take my life back and live a more balanced life.

    1. Thank you Dena,
      You are an excellent example of how getting your body back into homeostasis can reap enormous benefits! And knowing that is “work” is the ultimate knowledge to keep you feeling great. Thank you for sharing!

  5. fantastic submit, very informative. I wonder why the opposite specialists
    of this sector don’t realize this. You should proceed your writing.
    I am confident, you’ve a huge readers’ base already!

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