Simple Tip| Black Pepper is Good For You!

Light on Salt, Heavy on Pepper! Kicking up your dishes with this King of spices is an easy way to Boost your Wellness! No joke. Ground pepper is good for you. So easy, shake it on!
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By: Christina Hale

Light on Salt, Heavy on Pepper! Kicking up your dishes with this King of spices is an easy way to Boost your Wellness! No joke. Black pepper is good for you. So easy, shake it on!

Not every method for health improvement and natural benefits needs to be a complicated task. Adding a boost of pepper to your everyday routine could add some amazing benefits from just a simple additional shake.

Pepper has a spicy kick that can improve digestion, relieves sinus congestion and allergy symptoms and IMPROVE your BRAIN health!

Shocked? So was I!

Little Particles of Spice add Nutritional Power

I am not suggesting you go out and start eating a spoonful of pepper at once! First, that would be a harsh and UNCOMFORTABLE bite! However, boosting your pepper intake to a tablespoon a day spread over your meal plan can be an easy way to jump start its many benefits.

Let’s just take a look at some of the basic nutritional facts about black pepper.

1 tablespoon of Pepper (6 grams) percentages of daily values:

  • black pepper shaker image from article simple tips black pepper is good for you

    18% Manganese

  • 13% Vitamin K
  • 10% Iron
  • 9% Fiber
  • 4% Copper
  • 3% Calcium
  • 3% Magnesium
  • Additional vitamins and minerals that include vitamin C and B6. Phosphorous, riboflavin and even potassium!
  • And the BIG ONE! Piperine!

All this in a tablespoon a day of black pepper. Can you easily add this to your diet over the course of a day? I felt challenged at first, but it is EASY!

The Bite of Power, Piperine!

Piperine. This is the bioactive component of pepper that puts that blast of pungency and bite. It is MORE THAN FLAVOR! It is a natural antioxidant and antibacterial. Additionally, it is an activating agent that boosts the nutritional uptake of many other beneficial herbs, vitamins, and even some medications.

turmeric needs piperine pepper for absorption image turmeric article black pepper is good for youAre you familiar with Turmeric Curcumin? This is just one example of a common herb or supplement that MUST be paired with the piperine of pepper to even be absorbed by the body. Meaning without piperine in combination with this wonder herb you cannot reap the benefits!

Our bodies and particularly our liver like to filter through what we take in. That is, it’s job. Unfortunately, this means many times the “good stuff” is removed as well. Beneficial compounds can be disguised amongst the “nasty” and misidentified by our bodies. It is then sent out through our waste without ever being used by the body.

Additionally, many of the beneficial compounds in food take a lengthier time to digest. This is true for almost every adult, however worse for those fighting with digestive illness or disorder. The longer the compounds remain clogged up in our digestive tracks the less likely this good stuff will be identified and absorbed by our intestines.

These two normal functions of the body actually work against us.
Piperine helps!

Piperine’s Power

  • Prevents filtering of beneficial nutrients. It sends a message to our livers to tell it. “Excuse me, please do not filter out this good stuff I am taking before my body can use it”.
  • Speeds and improves the power of absorption! By speeding up digestibility, it improves how vitamins and nutrients are absorbed in the digestive tract.
  • Blocks negative enzymes that can hinder certain brain functions and hormone production.

What are some of the herbs and supplements that are improved by Piperine?

  • Turmeric Curcumin
  • Vitamin C
  • Green Tea Extract (EGCG)
  • Vitamin B6
  • Selenium

Learn more about Piperine.

image peppercorns from article pepper is good for you

Pepper is Good for You in More Ways than Piperine!

Any time we mention the benefits of herbs, spices and supplements it is important to note that research and evidence are always limited. Check out this article about “What you can and cannot say about naturals” for deeper clarification.

Some benefits of pepper that have been seen are:

  • Improvements in Digestion. We talked briefly about this above with piperine, but it rings true for an all-around beneficial factor of this wonder spice. Pepper increases your gastric acid production making it easier for the food you consume to be digested. Additionally, this leads to minimizing gas and bloating.
  • Promotes weight loss. Some research has shown that the compounds of black pepper can prevent and break down fat cells in the body while boosting a weakened metabolism.
  • Sinus Relief. Pepper makes you sneeze, right? Well, there is a reason behind that. It is a natural irritant to your sinuses but in a GOOD Way. It naturally loosens and eliminates the mucus and congestion that builds up in your sinuses allowing it to drain. NOW DO NOT snort pepper! Just consuming it, especially in a hot beverage or soups will give you the benefits!
  • Depression. Have you heard of Dopamine and Serotine? These are hormones your brain produce that give you that “feel good” and “relaxed” feeling. Pepper blocks certain enzymes that can inhibit the production of these hormones. Pepper is good for you and your mood!
  • Alzheimer’s.Research continues into the benefits of black pepper as a free radical preventer that can possibly prolong, and benefit memory issues associated with Alzheimer’sand dementia patients. Explore one study done in April 2015 here.

Other benefits of pepper that are still being explored:

  • Prevention and Stabilization of Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Minimizing cancer cells and tumor growth.
  • Natural treatment for High blood pressure.
  • Stop smoking aid

Black Pepper Essential Oil Benefits

Topical application of pepper is good for you too! When the black pepper essential oil is properly diluted in a carrier oil it can provide several benefits.

  • Eases Aches & Pains
  • Improves circulation
  • Relieves joint stiffness and discomfort associated with Arthritis
  • Detoxification

Explore Black Pepper Essential oil options on Amazon

Sprinkles For Your Health

black pepper grinder sprinkles for your health

Black pepper is GOOD for you and you likely already have a supply of it on hand! A simple increase and use of pepper in your diet and wellness plan can be a simple way to give yourself a boost. Whether you are looking to improve digestion, relieve sinus congestion or even kick the smoking
habit this king of spices can help!

Natural additives to your wellness plan do not have to be difficult. Easy conscious choices about improving your natural health can begin in as simple as a “shake”.

I want to know your thoughts! Are you ready to add black pepper to your diet or have experience with it as a topical application? We all benefit from the conversation, let’s talk! Drop a comment below.

Remember, “Knowledge is the Power to a Better You, Better Health and Unlocking your Natural Power!”

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Before adding herb or supplement to your diet, always consult your Doctor or Medical Professional. Disclaimer.

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“Knowledge is the Power to a Better You, Better Health and Unlocking your Natural Power!”

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1 thought on “Simple Tip| Black Pepper is Good For You!”

  1. This is an extremely interesting article, who would know that pepper is so good for you? I am excited to know that pepper can help you absorb vitamins and nutrients and plan to step up my pepper usage right away. I like to use the fresh ground pepper from the peppercorns is that better for you than the regular pepper or does it matter?

    Thanks for writing this I always enjoy your knowledge and learning from you.

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