Authoring on | Terms and Publishing Requirements

10 Article Requirements:

  1. Must be Original content only. No duplicated content from elsewhere on the internet whether it is yours or otherwise. Completely new content. Yes, you can write about an existing topic or similar subject but the content itself must be unique!
  2. 60 day exclusive. This goes with the above original content. Please allow your blog post to remain intact here for 60 days before re-posting it in full or part elsewhere. When that 60 days is up just drop us a note if you would like to reuse it elsewhere. It is your content and you will always hold the right of ownership! We ask that a back link is issued on the new posting that comes back to it’s originally posting here. We will kindly add the additional link in the post as well.
  3. In a Human Readable Voice. We want your content to be engaging and not something that sounds like the instruction to assembling a bookshelf. Make it engaging like you are talking to your friends! It Should be interesting and human friendly 😊
  4. Keep it to Topic. This guideline refer to “natural or natural based solutions” in general or holistic approaches to life and health. But also, in regard to your title and keyword selection. Do not choose the title “basil” then write about “parsley”. Right?
  5. A Good Length. A blog post or article is normally set to a minimum of 300 words. That is OK in some cases. We prefer if it is a minimum of 500 words! Can be as long as you want from there to get your point across!
  6. Include Non-copyrighted Images: A blog posts should have at least 2 images that have no copyright restrictions in place. If you need to give credit for an image to be used that is fine if you do so clearly with the image and in a reference on the blog post. One image should be a minimum 500px width to be used in Social media sharing to be set as the featured image.
  7. Safe & Relevant back-link. We want and encourage you to link to your own website! But YES! I am going to check it out! For the safety of the site and our readers, we cannot have a link going to a site that may not meet a certain standard. Such as containing a virus, pornographic or inappropriate age restrictive, gambling or other illegal activity. I would like them to be “nature relevant” not always the case but as relevant as possible! Only 2 back-links to other BLOGS in any 1 article. If you have several blogs, we understand but in each article on 2 backlinks in a post max that leads to your personal blog. (This does not include a product/company or business promotion in naturals – see more about this BELOW)
  8. Answer comments left Whenever possible. goal is a very interactive platform for its readers and subscribers. Your blog posts will attract comments and interactions. We ask that you respond to the comments left on your posts. The easiest way to do that is to ensure that you check “subscribe to comments” in the comment section of your article. This will update you every time a new comment or reply is posted.
  9. Article Resources. We love them, don’t you? They are a great way to add external authority links to a blog post and add a knowledgeable presence to your writing. Not every article will need a reference but try to use them whenever possible. They are best placed at the end of the post.
  10. SEO ready. We get it, not everyone is going to know how to do this! It will help if you have a good idea! Certain standards are going to need to be adhered to: 
    • No keyword stuffing. – This is randomly placing targeted keywords throughout the content with no real purpose or readability.
    • Keyword Research – We use Squirrly here, I recommend it to anyone with a blog, a must have! It helps you optimize and research your keywords as well!  Your keywords should be researched prior to writing your article. If you do not have this ability understand you article will require additional publishing time and edits. We can help get it optimized for the site! You will then need to approve our edits before publishing.
    • No reusing Keywords – We know you may not always be aware of keywords that have already been targeted on site. This goes with unique content. If we find a keyword has already been used, we may ask you to change it or make the edits for you to then approve.
    • Alt tags on images. – This is an important factor to SEO. Any images used should have a designate an appropriate alt tag.

Promoting You and Your Business!

We want and encourage you to promote your natural business! That is something that makes US different and unique over other blogs! Some important points to NOTE!

  1. They need to be legitimate natural based network or affiliate products or opportunities. Nothing illegal, dangerous and harms the reputation of This will be determined by the site owners.
  2. ONE – 1 Product or company opportunity per article! If you are part of more than one, that’s great, I encourage it! You love more than 1 product, that is fantastic, you should! But one focus per article!
  3. It is your responsibility to check compliance with your business association or affiliate program to ensure your within the rules by sharing on this site. We are not responsible if non-compliance issues arise!
  4. Best Methods for SEO strategies are used here. If you want to endorse your “product” know that on article submission your link will be turned into a “pop-box” this will create an internal link on site and keep your post from looking like a “sales pitch” and harming it’s SEO. It will still lead to your product or opportunity but indirectly. This is for your benefit and for ours. You can see an example of this below with the BUTTON labeled Click Example. Text beneath indicating if this does not show a new window click here.
  5. When using promotions please always include an “affiliate disclosure” statement. Example: “Hey Friends, A Quick Note! My posts may contain affiliate links. If you click and buy through one of these links you will not be charged a single cent more but I may get a small commission on that sale.” This will be added to the pop-box and not in your article.

If a new window does not open when clicking button, Click Here.

Understand The Legal Standings When it Comes to Natural Products!

Naturals have a fine line in the United States and different areas of the world. These standards we have to comply with. 

If you are unsure what you can and can’t say about naturals take a peek at this article for reference. Natural Health Restrictions | What You Can and Can’t Say About Naturals

If needed please add an FDA disclaimer to your post and/or link to the medical disclaimer on site located here. Medical Disclaimer