Feed the Body| Metabolism Boosting Superfoods for Weight Loss

Uncover the truth behind your metabolic system and unlock the power of metabolism boosting superfoods.This is not some fad diet plan! I am not going to tell you to CHANGE your plan. Instead I am inviting you to take a true look at your metabolism and ask the tough question?
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By: Christina Hale


Uncover the truth behind your metabolic system and unlock the power of metabolism boosting superfoods.

This is not some fad diet plan! I am not going to tell you to CHANGE your plan. Instead I am inviting you to take a true look at your metabolism and ask the tough question? Are you feeding your bodies natural “fitness coach” or are you starving your ability to lose weight?

Not all foods and nutrients are created equal. For your metabolism to truly function properly and help you succeed with true long-term weight loss success you need to know the TRUTH.

You’re not alone! I had to learn this myself!

The “Diet” Cycle


If you polled a 100 people and asked if they wanted to lose weight. 90 of them would say YES! This is why the “Diet” market is so huge. Millions of people are not only obsessed with their weight but feel they need to lose some.

metabolism boosting superfoods

For many of these millions it is truly legitimate and a disease. Obesity is an epidemic not only here in America but several places throughout the world. The number one solution offered is “limited diets”. Whether that be through calorie counting, reduced carbohydrate, watching our fat intake or more.

In some way or another, these “plans” are asking you to starve your body of something you either need or desire. It makes it difficult to stick to a plan. Especially if the results are not happening!

WORSE YET! Years of diet and dietary restrictions are slowing your metabolism down significantly making it harder and harder for you to lose weight!!

What if the answer was not limited to just our dietary intakes, but what we intake that truly FEEDS the body. More importantly the vital part of obtaining and maintaining optimum weight. Our metabolism!

Meet Your Metabolism


Here is an easy breakdown and little secret you may not know! Going on inside your body is your very own individual fitness instructor working tirelessly to assist you to burn calories and shed fat. It’s called your metabolic process, or metabolism.

Every time you sit down to a meal or grab a snack. This metabolic process kicks into gear. Enzymes in your body’s cells break down the food you consume and turn it into energy that keeps your heart beating, your brain functioning and your muscles moving. And Burns fat and sheds excess weight!

The more efficient and faster your metabolism functions, the more calories you are able to burn from the food you consume. Exercise helps burn this caloric intake as well but the process in which you use them is controlled by YOUR METABOLISM.

Important! Your metabolism does not like to be starved of nutrients it needs. If you cut out the “fuel” it needs to operate, it will slow down and STOP functioning properly! It is also not easily tricked by fake “boosters” and synthetic nutrients. It is looking for the “real deal” to be functioning optimally!

So, ask yourself?

  • Have you started diets with initial great success to suddenly plateau or stop seeing success?
  • Have you been on roller coaster diets that limit your good nutrient intake? Leaving you feeling tired, sick and discouraged.
  • Are you going through periods of starvation to boost weight loss?
  • Have you tried chemical and synthetic weight loss products?
  • How much of your diet consists of prepackaged quick foods, even if they are for dieting?
  • Are you feeding your metabolism?

Keys to Unlocking your Metabolic Power


As I said, in the beginning, this is not a “fad diet plan”. I am not even going to give you a plan to use. Just advice on how to make your metabolism work with your current diet or a new plan that you come up with on your own, or with your doctor.

image a healthy breakfast on a tray article feed your body metabolism boosting superfoods for weightloss

What is important is knowing how to unlock the potential of your metabolism with these simple keys:

  • Don’t skip BREAKFAST! This is the hardest for me personally. I have always had a difficult time eating early in the morning both physically and for time. BUT if you skip this meal you are starting each day off metabolically weak. Your metabolism will go dormant from hour one! Making this a habit turns into a tired, and poorly functioning metabolism.
    • Interesting statistic those who skip breakfast are up to 60% more likely to be or become obese! Scary thought!
    • Watching carbs? This is the time of day you want healthy complex carbohydrates in your diet. With a great mix of lean proteins and the addition of healthy fats.
  • Protein-packed lunch! Protein should be in every meal but lunch time is a great way toboost up your protein intake for the day. They help to build and maintain lean muscle mass that is vital to burn calories, even at rest!
  • Healthy fat dinners! No, do not just a eat a plate of fat or even bacon. Invite healthy fats in your evening meal will boost your full feeling to help ward of snacking habits. Fatty fish like salmon is a great health choice when it comes to your metabolism. You can also get this from simple adds like olive oil, chia seeds, nuts, avocados, eggs, coconut or coconut oils, dark chocolate, and even tofu.
  • Calcium Power! Calcium is not just for your bones! It helps your body metabolize fat by boosting the rate at which it gets passed through the digestive tract. Milk, yogurt, cheese in the dairy options make for an easy boost but you can also get a good source of calcium from dark leafy greens, poppy and chia seeds, almonds, figs, and amaranth.
  • Choose fresh vegetables and whole foods! Processed junk is just that… garbage. Your body and metabolism do not react to it the same way it does to fresh whole foods that do not contain artificial chemicals and preservatives. Organic can be higher priced but a great option as well if it fits your budget.
  • Spice up your diet! I talked about this recently in an article about Ayurveda, but it applies to your metabolism as well. Especially when getting to the spice spectrum of heat. No, you do not need to burn your lips off but adding a bit of spice especially from pepper sources can help jump-start your metabolism.
  • Get moving! Exercise is preached in every diet and it is a true essential to weight loss, management and metabolism boosting. Find ways to add more activity in your daily life even if it involves a few more steps or some resistance training.
  • Plenty of water throughout the day! Plain water is not easy for everyone, but those artificial additives do not help your body at all. Boost your water up with real, natural fruit flavors. Lemon water is one of my favorites. The water content in coffee, tea, and soft drinks are counter-intuitive and DO NOT COUNT towards proper hydration.
  • Natural supplements found in metabolism boosting superfoods! When you diet, schedule and time does not allow for the proper feeding of your metabolism. Look to a source of 100% natural superfoods to do the job!

Metabolism Boosting Superfoods


Following the above tips WILL help to rebuild a healthy metabolism! The essential part of any weight loss plan! But it is not a FAST process. Especially if you have depleted your metabolism already with crash diets and nutrient starvation!

So how can you help give your metabolic process a jump start? Meet metabolism boosting superfoods! These are supplements that are 100%, repeat 100% natural!

1. One of these superfoods is designed specifically to address a weight loss plan while still addressing “the need to feed your metabolism”. Slimmer. This superfood powerhouse does not contain laxatives or stimulants. No Chemicals, synthetics! Just natural power for your metabolism.  It’s made with 9 powerful metabolism boosting superfoods. It’s simple to use in any daily routine or diet. It’s safe. Most importantly it works!

2. Nourish. Are you one of the many that have a hard time getting in your essential fruits and vegetables? Maybe you are carb counting and have cut out a lot of these beneficial nutrients your metabolism needs to function. Nourish is the metabolism boosting superfood your body may be lacking! Each scoop is equal to the antioxidant power of over 7 servings of fruits and vegetables in ONE easy to take drink. The ingredients are blended to perfection with no heat to destroy the vital nutrient values. There are NO artificial colors, artificial flavors, fillers, sweeteners, additives, and synthetic, isolated, or fractionated vitamins & minerals. 100% natural.Safe for kids & adults and it tastes like chocolate! 

3. The next is a power pack of 3 Ayurvedic superfoods. They support brain, heart and the bodies pH levels for ultimate balance and wellness boosts. Just one easy to consume dose of these superfoods provides powerful nourishment that your body is starving for. Best yet they help battle the inflammation caused by the stress of life and diets. Feeding the mind, body and spirit what it needs to work optimally. 

So How Do I Know?


I am not a dietician or a physician. I am a person who has been struggling with a weight loss fight for many many years. The diet roller coaster and frustration at every turn! Back in Mid-September of this year (2018) I discovered these superfoods for the first time. (it is now December 6, 2018).

image dumbell and healthy vegetables for weightloss feed your body metabolism boosting superfoodsThey spurred my interest in discovering more and asking myself the same questions I asked above. A talk with my doctor. Yes, I encourage you to do so too. Mine revealed that slow metabolism was likely my issue. I am ashamed to say I was actually on a starvation diet that limited my time of day to eat, and almost cut out carbs completely. I saw tons of people bagging success on these plans! But not me.

My metabolism was crawling! The less I ate and the more I cut the harder and harder I struggled to lose weight. PLUS, I felt awful!

I started to feed my body and added metabolism boosting superfoods. Now I do not have a huge brag to share. Mainly because when a metabolism like mine was so drained it was not going to be an instant change. Also, because I STOPPED dieting. You heard that right. I did not count a carb, a calorie or anything. I also stayed away from the daily or weekly weight on the scale to weighing only once a month.

So, with no diet and just feeding my metabolism. I lost 18 pounds in just under 3 months. You look at that number and may think “Oh that is not much”. But let me tell you the first month was 4 pounds, the second 6 and this last 8 and counting.  So unlike “diets” that have a big initial jump and then a slow frustrating battle to hit a pound a week. I had no diet and an increase in loss!

In January of 2019, I will start an actual diet again with confidence and continued feeding of my metabolism. I know that I am setting myself up for success. I will update this post in 2019!

Now, of course, my results may not be your results. I want to hear from you! Now or later. Are you or have you tried boosting your metabolism by feeding it? Or are there methods you have found that work. We learn by sharing! Please comment below, start a discussion.

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“Knowledge is the Power to a Better You, Better Health and Unlocking your Natural Power!”

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