Advocates for Natural Wellness Wanted: Be a Partner Author or Guest Blogger

Are you a compassionate caring individual with a passion for the natural world and its products?
Have you been looking for a website in the nature niche to be a partner author or guest blogger for?
Do you currently run or want to run a natural based business?
Perhaps you already have a blog about an aspect of nature or a holistic approach to wellness?

Can you Answer Yes to Any of These Questions?

Be Naturally Powerful may be a perfect outlet for you to continue to spread the word and promote YOU!
The mission of this site helps boost and promote ALL legitimate natural answers and assistance to help the MANY! We would love to have you share!
The way it works here is different and UNIQUE to anything you have ever done before! It can work for new bloggers, experienced veterans of the blogging world and more!

Have you read Our Mission? Find it here!

So, What is the Difference Between a Partner Author or Guest Blogger?

Guest Blogger:

If you are already in the website blogging world you are likely familiar with this term “guest blogger”. Basically, it is when a blogger or author creates content for a blog or website that is not their own.
This is a mutually beneficial relationship for the web host and the blogger. It enables the website owner to increase diversity and traffic as well as the guest writer to do the same for their existing site or sites. It also creates presence and branding of a name and authority!
Guest Blogging is a fantastic way to give mutual respect and assistance to help both parties!

blog bubbles be a partner author or guest blogger


So, what is this Partner Author?

Partner Author:

At Be Naturally Powerful we want to take guest blogging to a whole new level! A partner author is a guest blogger here that has developed a relationship as a writer and a reputation for excellence. It is not a charged service! That is right, FREE.
What this allows you to do is become part of the website itself as a fully functioning partner of the mission!
You are no longer a guest but get your own exclusive author page that is branded to you!

It will be found at”yourname”. It will carry a card layout of all your work on site and your own “powered by footer” to promote your blogs, websites, business, affiliates or etc.” This same footer will also become attached to all your blog posts as well.
You become your own “entity” on site!

IT is like having another site right here at Be Naturally Powerful! Without all the work and expense!

When do I Become a Partner?

  • When you have 4 published guest posts on site.
  • You have actively responded to comments on your posts.
  • You have left a comment on at least 2 other posts on site that were not your own.

Maintaining Your Partnership Status

  • Publish 1 new post monthly (30 days).
  • Actively Respond to comments on your post.
  • Leave 1 new comment for others once per month.

Easy right?

old typewriter be partner author or guest blogger

 What Makes this Unique?

Fair Question! Easy Answer!

As long as what you want to share in content, business or affiliate is based around nature or a natural practice you CAN!

This includes promoting your business network marketing or affiliate links. How many other sites let you do this? 

You can also promote your blogs, your social media.. your brand! 

As long as it fits in the rules(link below) you can share it, promote it and use this as an additional platform to build you and your business!


Why Would We Do This?

We care about the MISSION first and foremost! Spreading the word about naturally beneficial products, services, and practices MATTER! They help people in the cleanest, clearest and with the least amount of damage possible!

The more we can share this the BETTER everyone becomes as a whole!

Yes! In the process, you are going to generate traffic to Our natural business associations and affiliates as well. Additionally to our other natural partners, and then MUTUALLY to your own.

So it also has a self-serving purpose as well. There is no hidden agenda here. Of course, I will benefit, we will benefit. Most importantly EVERYONE will benefit!

Where do I Start – become a Guest Blogger?

Great! You made it this far I know you are interested. That is step 1. Next, take a look at the article requirements! They are all the same if you are a partner author or guest blogger! Make sure you will be able to meet those. They are pretty easy, so I am sure you can!

10 Article Requirements for Guest Bloggers & Partners 

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I Just want to be a Guest Blogger!

I understand! For some, a partnership with the site is not ideal or a commitment of time you just don’t have! We completely understand. You are welcome to keep it just guest blogging when it is right and convenient for YOU!

No hard feelings and we will still treat all your submissions and articles with the greatest respect!

We socially share every post! Not just once, but repeatedly. Whether or not it is done by a partner author or guest blogger. We work hard to make sure all your content is accessible across the internet and your links remain active and searchable! 

You work hard on your content and We work hard to always show it RESPECT!

Thank you!