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Hi Friends & Welcome!

It TRULY is a pleasure for me to “meet” you, or should I say be able to introduce myself to you! Some of you may already know me and for others, this may be our first meeting! Either way, before long I am sure we will become friends, at least friends of nature and the mission that this site represents.

I am Christina Hale. I created this site as part of a LARGER vision. A vision I have always held in my heart and soul for as long as I can remember. A love and connection to the natural world. A connection that has proven to me time and time again that Nature holds and has held the antidote to the problems of today and yesterday!

 Let me be clear right from the start!  I am just like you. Perhaps raised a little different but I am your average lady! Family, career, love, life and all it’s up and downs.  I wasn’t raised by apes in the middle of a jungle, but I grew up knowing nature was a provider and a respected part of our world.

From the time I was young I always remember the joys I felt from being a part of the earth and from being in nature. Walking in the woods, sitting by our pond, digging in the dirt or working on the dairy farm I grew up on! Most of what we had and used we worked with nature to supply.

cow looking dairy farm raised about christina hale

I wasn’t born 100 years ago where no modern conveniences existed. I am a young 45. However, I had parents and especially grandparents from both sides that made incredible impacts on my life views. They had experienced a time when a reliance on the natural world and the things you held of value were not bought in a store.

Being part of the rhythm of earth was a way of life and we respected it. We grew up knowing that the earth provided food, medicine, and the path to serenity. We had Doctors, stores and well – let me give it to you straight! It was the late 70’s early 80’s – we also had big hair and bad clothing styles! Just a different outlook to the “city style” world around us. A simple country life!

As I grew and separated from the “simple” life I saw more and more how others lived. The reliance on the mechanics and science of a world I had little use for. It never “resonated” with me in my “heart”. It sure became easy though! Stepping back from natural ways lead me to man-made convenience!

frozen food convenienceI fell victim to modern convenience. Do you know what I am talking about? I bet you do. It became so much easier to grab a package of pre-made food at the store than take the time to prepare a freshly made meal. Those vegetables that grew in the gardens of my youth were easier to obtain from the produce section of the grocery store.

That is just an example of a couple things. There are so many more I could list! Maybe my age shows a little, as perhaps this is what you grew up always knowing. Generations after my own were even more bombarded with this from day one. Life moved beyond the simple country and propelled into fast-convenient-easy!

For me, it was a life change. I began to feel just the food changes physically in a few short years. Weight gain was a clear outward sign but internally a slow agonizing decline was also occurring! I saw the signs, and I wanted to make the time to “do better”, eat healthier, or even just slow down. 

I also became busy with “life”. Or at least my priorities changed. My focus turned to all about the world of money, business, career, and drive. Yes, I had a family, but I also had bills. I also developed more bills as I began to need more and more “conveniences”. Those easy meals and simple grabs that save time also cost more money.

This led to very little time to even go out and enjoy the little things in life and in nature I loved too. Even grabbing time to watch a morning sunrise and feeling the warmth of the sun on my face was absent. Too busy or working late to see the sunset. How many are on a schedule of going to work in the dark and coming home when it is dark? I have been there too! Only time spent outside is when you “have to cut the grass” or take the garbage to the curb!

Does this Sound familiar yet?

similar storiesSo, began the vicious cycle that many of us are caught up in today. We work ourselves crazy to pay for the convenience to enjoy a life… we have no time to enjoy. Or even worse! We get too busy to even notice- there is something wrong!

They often say it takes something smacking you in the face before you can see it! That is what it took for me anyway! Illness, disease. Not in a small way but a big sudden onset of something that had been slowly brewing for years. An autoimmune that was exploding inside me. 

For too many painful years I spent countless trips going back and forth to Doctors. Many Doctors! I had a specialist for this and that. At one time I had 7 regular doctors I was seeing at 1 to 2 doctors’ appointments a WEEK! I also spent countless trips to the hospital, a few days here a week there. Most of which was in search of a diagnosis!

There were a lot of guesses along the way and even surgeries. I can’t even tell you how much of it was necessary or how much of it made it WORSE!

It was time to wake up and rediscover what I knew already!

So, before I GO TOO FAR I want you to know I am NOT against MODERN medicine. At least not completely. There are REAL, TRUE valuable things in medicine and a lot of great medical personnel and breakthroughs that SAVE LIVES! I even wanted to be a doctor, a doctor of holistic medicine, but still a doctor! I have a great deal of respect for the medical community!

BUT a lot of the medical community and practices leave me baffled. I also have a hard time understanding the motivations of some of the practices. Questions in my mind are often raised “is it about the health of the population or the wealth of the medical community and the pharmaceutical companies”. I am sure I am not alone there!!

 Prescription medications startle me even MORE. I see people that seek out medical care and treatment for every bump, bruise or sneeze in the forms or synthetic drugs and treatments as well. Not only are they feeding the “money machine” but sometimes taking so much “preventative” medicine it no longer is even helpful. Always Looking for “convenience” in medication vs nature or a natural method.  Like I said I see many values in those for severe life-threatening issues and with genuine illness but this throws many red flags for me!

When we had a cold or the flu when we were young. We snuggled up in bed. Maybe some hot herbal tea with honey. A rub on the chest for congestion. I never once remember my Grandmother ever suggesting to anyone to go out and grab a bottle of Nyquil. (as an example) You eased the symptoms as best you could so your body could fight it – naturally. Not take an antibiotic every time you sneezed!

Anyway- I digressed in a bit of a rant. Apologies.

Back to my story – RED FLAG warnings went up for me too with a constant flood of “modern medicine“. I was put on a roller coaster ride of medical treatments and medications as they still searched for answers. The drugs were some of the worse parts! Side effects worse then some of the issues they were supposed to be helping. I was at the end of my ROPE! Literally. I was so depressed and frustrated.

Instead of getting better I was getting sicker, sadder and more and more in debt!

I called up my Grandmother one day in tears. I vented my frustration to her which I did not do often because I did not like her to worry. She said the best and most eye-opening advice I needed to hear. “You know about herbs, you love them, what is wrong with trying something natural?

Simple right? But Wise!

The epiphany, the eye-opener! I made a real promise to myself that very moment that I was getting back to my “roots”!

I did not just take what I knew but I studied what others knew too. I sent myself on a mission to reconnect with natural ways and expand my knowledge. I knew a certification in herbalism meant nothing in the United States, but I sought out to get one anyway! The title did not matter – the knowledge did!

My grandmother supported me too. She was a librarian, she found me books and researched as well. She even bookmarked pages with note cards!! I am telling you this lady was amazing!

plants on book article natural health restrictions

This spur into my own reconnection to healing myself also opened my eyes to what I was missing in my life besides just herbs. Nature itself and the simple things. Time to enjoy the sun, walk in the grass or the woods. Sit by the water. Even easier things like taking the time to meditate and be still, just walk, and the greatest hobby I have ever loved GARDENING. I know it is not for everyone, but I have always enjoyed growing in the dirt.

One of the saddest things I learned during my “sick” time as I like to call it was I had extremely low vitamin D! Do you know where that comes from everyone? THE SUN! Just being able to soak in some rays! I am not encouraging you to go sunbathing and increase the risk of skin cancers, but how much time do you get to spend just being out in the light of day?

It is not always about what you can take internally – or rub on your skin – or put in your hair or even cook in your food. Sometimes the power of nature just needs to be felt!

When you open yourself back up to the powers that nature has –  the possibilities are endless. It can begin with a simple herb or maybe a favorite new place to visit for a hike.

You begin to build a relationship with the earth. The little things begin to add up and then SUDDENLY YOU REALIZE YOU CAN BE NATURALLY POWERFUL!

I hope what brought you to meet me today was not finding yourself at the end of your rope. In a battle for your health or even for the health of somebody you love. My wish is that you are here a lot earlier than it took my “stubborn” self to see my way back or to open this door for the first time. 

Now we know each other, you’re not alone! I welcome you on this Journey with me and the other Amazing advocates and authors here on site! Reach out with questions, comment on posts or hit that little chat bubble in the right corner of the screen! I am here to help!

Knowledge is the Power to a Better You, Better Health and Unlocking your Natural Power!

Your New Friend,
Christina Hale

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