5 Powerful Reasons for Choosing Natural Remedies

Long before the pharmacies of today opened their doors to welcome in customers nature existed. Choosing natural remedies then was a simple tradition passed on by cultures, elders, and family. In fact, those stories and these traditions are the foundation of all modern medicine today.
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By: Christina Hale

Long before the pharmacies of today opened their doors to welcome in customers nature existed. Choosing natural remedies then was a simple tradition passed on by cultures, elders, and family.  In fact, those stories and these traditions are the foundation of all modern medicine today.

Alternative medicine is the “original medicine”.

These remedies are not just about what you can “take” to cure a cold or stop a cough. Hundreds of healing secrets exist. Not just for the symptoms of illness but for complete wellness. Mind, body and Soul.

There are many reasons to take a fresh look at natural alternatives, let’s start with 5 POWERFUL ones!

Let’s Talk Safety First and Resistance

I am a big believer in KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, I actually say it in my sign off to almost every article. This is even MORE important when we are talking about choosing natural remedies over or in conjunction with scientific backed medicine.

I am a firm believer in the power of nature, herbs, food, diet and practices that can be done in natural ways to bring complete wellness and health to the body. BUT I also understand that even though many of these practices have gone on for hundreds of years they do not have many, if any scientific studies to back their claims. AND a ton of confusion and lack of guidance exists in the scientific world.

know the reasons and rules why naturals are regulated

There are a few reasons for that.

  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) consider herbal supplements food and are produced under that idea alone. This means they do not go through approved studies and clinical trials to prove they have any other value. This includes medicinal value. In fact, you cannot make claims about a natural legally that says it does! For greater reference see my article
    What you can and Can’t Say About Naturals” 
  • Lack of study and investigation into interactions with possible medications make it essential to always have a conversation with your Doctor or Pharmacist. This can lead to resistance and
    often times a rejection by a physician as Holistic and alternative medicines are not “recognized”. You have the right to always seek out second, third, fourth or how many opinions or Doctors you want.
  • Lack of study and evidence leads to dosage questions. Without clear cut lines and trials knowing the proper dosage when using herbs or supplements can be questionable. Your personal research and medical consultation may be the only tools you have.

So where does this leave a consumer? First understand that natural remedies can not be considered an authority or an option for self-treatment. You should always seek medical advice and do AS MUCH RESEARCH as possible before trying something new in your body or part of a diet. Just common sense.


See Medical Disclaimer.

Now that you see the wall (resistance) and heard the warning, let’s GO!

The list of 5 Powerful Reasons for Choosing Natural Remedies

#1 Natural Remedies are not all About Consumption

A very common misconception is that every time somebody says
“natural remedy” the first thought is an herb or supplement of some sort. That
is misguided. Many natural remedies require NO ingestion or use of ingredients AT ALL.

  • Massage
  • Tai Chi
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Naturopathy
  • Acupuncture
  • Reiki
  • Hypnosis
  • Visualization
  • Ayurveda 
  • Exercise

image yoga pose at sunset article 5 Powerful Reasons for Choosing Natural Remedies as an Option in Your Wellness Plan

These are just a few examples of remedies that do not require consuming anything at all, yet they are NATURAL. If you unfamiliar with any of these listed I invite you to explore them! They are all uniquely powerful systems and practices that work in unique ways to aid whole body wellness.

#2 Less Likely to Produce Nasty Side Effects

As you can see from above this is specifically true for those types of natural remedy choices that are not ingested in the body. This also pertains to herbs and supplements as well. I am not saying that HERBS, Plants, Food and etc. have NO Side EFFECTS. Just that they have less and less severe.

Recently I placed a post on the popular Facebook social media site. I asked name a medication that has NO Side Effects. Of course, none could be listed because it is not possible. Each individual is unique and can potentially react differently to any type of medication, OR HERB.  However, the synthetic chemical ingredients in many medications carry common, uncommon and allowed side effects that are within the range of “acceptable”.

OTC & Prescription Drug Process for Side Effects

After testing a “drug” on animals then humans, the FDA evaluates the benefits VS risks (side effects) to decide if it is worthy for market. If it is found within acceptable risk/reward limits it is released. If
new and disturbing side effects appear after launch of a drug that’s where MedWatch steps in. (The FDA’s market surveillance program). The med watch is conducted by volunteers, primarily health care professionals, to report any serious side effects they find. When a series of related reports are filed the FDA will step in and take regulatory action, such as requiring a warning addition
to the label. In serious continued side effect reports the drug may be pulled from market.

As you can see this can result in some pretty intense and unwanted side effects.

A Video from Bayer regarding Medication Side Effects

How do you know about herb or natural side effects?

The number one way to know is often self-research. As I stated earlier these types of alternative treatments do not have an FDA approval or process in place. They are considered food. Some key things to remember are that many herbs and plants can be toxic or have toxicity in high dosages.

Drug interactions is another potential. Research and talking with your Doctor or pharmacist is a good way to avoid these potential catastrophes.

Unless you have an issue with allergies most food and herbal based remedies are less likely to cause negative reactions. Good steps and measures should be in place whenever using a consumable.

7 steps to avoid potential side effects when using herbs or supplements.

  1. Research the Herb or Food Supplement.
  2. Check for any potential allergens.
  3. Understand it’s Usage and Dosage.
  4. Talk with Your Doctor about Potential Drug
  5. Source from a Quality Reputable Dealer. This
    article may help “Don’t
    Be Tricked: What Are Natural Products?
  6. Start slowly and allow your body to adjust and react.
  7. End immediately if an adverse reaction occurs.

#3 The Holistic Approach to Healing

balanced stones water splashing What is Ayurveda Understanding the Ayurvedic Basic Principles

Naturals involve healing at a deeper level than traditional Western medicine. Instead of addressing a specific set of symptoms naturals take a holistic approach to healing and addressing the person as a whole. This includes the physical, mental and emotional health. Or Body, Mind, Spirit.

This three-step approach looks for the root cause of illness or imbalance in the body that is manifesting itself as illness. Questions like: “is there an emotional imbalance that is causing digestive issues”, “is a depleted immunity causing issues in clear thinking and emotional stability”.

These are just examples to see how one part of your life can relate to another. Think about it in even easier terms. Ever had a bad day at work and then found you could not sleep well that night. Leaving you feeling exhausted and perhaps even catching a cold or flu a day or two later. It all
started at the mental or emotional level and manifested itself physically.

Sure, you can treat a symptom and rid the cold… but if the reason for the initial cause is never addressed you just continue to get sick, worn down and depleted.

By Choosing natural remedies and a holistic approach your seeking long term complete WELLNESS!

#4 Clean Natural Ingredients

Whole foods, fresh produce, herbs, plants and oils are simple straightforward ingredients. They do not need to contain a complicated ingredient list that you need a dictionary to decipher. If the label is long and complicated it is likely not very natural to begin with, right?

Natural remedies have a common basis even when it comes to supplements. They have one to 5 simple natural ingredients listed on a label. Or they are whole foods you can produce, grow and/or harvest yourself.

They can work and be suitable to fit into almost any dietary plan from omnivorous to vegan based.

Some precautions to watch for.

  • Poorly labeled or mislabeled natural products.
  • GMO produced Meat or produce.
  • Those not following GMP standards. (good manufacturing
  • Peta Cruelty-free
  • Chemical ingredients mixed with naturals
  • Poor quality sales people or vendors

#5 The Almighty Dollar

the mighty dollar image arm wrestle over money

Depending on where you are from this dollar could represent Pound, Euro or etc. It all boils down to money. I almost hate to be this way but too many times and too much evidence has been apparent to me for years to deny the truth. Big pharma, the medical community and big business are out for profit. The wellness and health of real people like us makes no difference to them. It
is a shame to have to think this way, am I alone?

I wonder am I the only to ever ask or wonder if the health care system in place today is keeping us sick to turn a profit. For me the evidence points that way. It is up to you to decide.

Which ever way you look at it when we add up the cost of medical treatment, prescription drugs, over the counter drugs, health insurance and MORE the cost is out of CONTROL.

Just a quick example of two prescriptions that I HAVE/HAD to take and fill.

  1.  I am allergic to bees. I require an EpiPen to save my life.
  2.  I have debilitating migraines and seizures.

I have insurance with a prescription plan. My EpiPen is around $400 that will last a while. I do not get stung often, thankfully. For 8 pills to soothe my worst migraines is also around $400.
8 pills! (yes, I repeated that) I would use those in a month easily! That is insane right? That is just for the headache not for the monthly seizure control too.

While I can not go without an EpiPen I could make a clear choice to change my other treatment. I decided choosing a natural remedy for my migraines was a great decision mainly due to the almighty dollar. Fortunately, not only saved money I found something that has really worked for both my migraines and my seizures. Better in fact with a lot fewer side effects!  I will share below if interested.

Now you can see that one of my prescriptions is a MUST. You may find this too in your wellness plan. What you need to be aware of is

  • Is there another option and alternative available for my illness or etc.
  • Is it safe for me to take (do your research and talk to your doctor)?
  • Will it save me money?

If the answers are YES, then what are you waiting for?


I Use CBD To Control My Migraines And Seizures

This supercharged Full Spectrum CBD Oil is what I personally use to help control my migraines, seizures and more.

They offer a full 60-day money back guarantee.

If a new window does not open when clicking button, Click Here.

ctfo 10x cbd

There Are Many More Reasons To Make The Switch

Now that we have taken a look at 5 powerful reasons for choosing
natural remedies as an option in your wellness plan I bet you can come up with
some more?

  • More Earth Friendly
  • Gentler on the Body
  • Have stood the test of time

Those are just a couple more! What reasons do you have? Are they different from the ones listed?

make a choice 5 Powerful Reasons for Choosing Natural Remedies as an Option in Your Wellness Plan

How about objections? I know there are many out there. That
is OK. Choice is yours and it always should be. You should be able to decide if
you want chemical alternatives or naturals in your diet and health care plan.

I want to hear from you! Leave a comment below and start the

Always remember “Knowledge is the Power to a Better You, Better Health and Unlocking your Natural Power – & discovering the best natural remedies for you!”

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“Knowledge is the Power to a Better You, Better Health and Unlocking your Natural Power!”

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1 thought on “5 Powerful Reasons for Choosing Natural Remedies”

  1. I cannot agree with you more, I do feel that many times big pharma is out just to get the mighty dollar and really do not care about the patient. I do believe if you can go natural by using a supplement it is the best way to go. I know many times when taking pharmaceuticals, you take one, then have to take another to counteract the side effects and it just snowballs from there.

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